Matthew Polly

Matthew Polly is an American author best known for his books on martial arts, which include 'American Shaolin', 'Tapped Out', and 'Bruce Lee: A Life'. He is recognized for his immersive journalism and firsthand experience in the subjects he writes about, often living the experiences he details in his works. Polly trained at the Shaolin Temple in China and has written extensively about his experiences and the world of martial arts.


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  1. 1. American Shaolin

    The book is a captivating memoir of a young American's experience in China where he spends two years studying at the Shaolin Temple, the birthplace of kung fu. The narrative follows his journey as he immerses himself in Chinese culture, learns Mandarin, and trains with the monks, becoming the first American to be accepted as a disciple. The author's transformation, both physically and spiritually, is depicted in a humorous and insightful manner, providing a unique perspective on Eastern philosophy and martial arts.