Albert Payson Terhune

Albert Payson Terhune was an American author, dog breeder, and journalist, best known for his novels about the adventures of his beloved collies and as a breeder of collies at his Sunnybank Kennels. His most famous work is the novel 'Lad: A Dog', published in 1919. Terhune's works have remained popular with dog enthusiasts and those who enjoy stories of adventure and animal loyalty.


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  1. 1. Lad: a Dog

    "Lad: a Dog" is a collection of twelve short stories centered around a rough collie named Lad, who lives with his owners, referred to as the Master and Mistress, at a place called the Place. The stories depict Lad's adventures, his loyalty and courage, and his interactions with other animals and humans. Throughout the stories, Lad proves himself to be an extraordinary dog, exhibiting intelligence, bravery and an unwavering loyalty to his owners.

    The 2298th Greatest Book of All Time