Roberto Arlt

Roberto Arlt (1900–1942) was an influential Argentine writer, playwright, and journalist. Known for his novels 'El juguete rabioso', 'Los siete locos', 'Los lanzallamas', and the popular play 'Trescientos millones', Arlt is often considered one of the pioneering authors of modern Argentine and Latin American literature. His work is characterized by a gritty, urban realism and a focus on the lives of marginalized characters in Buenos Aires during the early 20th century. Arlt's innovative narrative style and themes of existential angst have left a lasting impact on literature in the Spanish-speaking world.


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  1. 1. Los Siete Locos

    "Los Siete Locos" is a complex and dark novel set in the 1920s in Buenos Aires. The story revolves around a man who, disillusioned with his mundane life and the corruption he sees around him, becomes involved with a group of anarchists who plan to overthrow the government. The protagonist is drawn into a world of madness, conspiracy, and philosophical debate, as he grapples with his own sanity and the morality of his actions. The book explores themes of existentialism, societal decay, and the blurred line between sanity and insanity.

    The 1283rd Greatest Book of All Time
  2. 2. Los lanzallamas

    "Los lanzallamas" is a novel set in Buenos Aires in the 1920s, revolving around the lives of a group of characters who are marginalized by society. The protagonist, a failed inventor turned anarchist, is manipulated into participating in a plot to overthrow the government and establish a new social order. The plot fails, leading to tragic consequences for the characters involved. The novel explores themes of alienation, disillusionment, and the struggle for individual freedom in a repressive society.

    The 2363rd Greatest Book of All Time