Clarín is the pseudonym of Leopoldo Alas, a prominent Spanish novelist and literary critic of the 19th century. Born on April 25, 1852, in Zamora, Spain, and died on June 13, 1901, Clarín is best known for his novel 'La Regenta', one of the greatest works of Spanish literature, often compared to Flaubert's 'Madame Bovary'. His works are marked by sharp social criticism and a focus on the ethical and moral issues of his time.


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  1. 1. La Regenta

    "La Regenta" is a classic of Spanish literature that takes place in a small provincial town and centers around the character of Ana Ozores, a married woman who becomes the object of desire for two very different men: the town's liberal Casanova and a conservative, ambitious priest. The narrative explores themes of religion, hypocrisy, and forbidden love in a repressed society. The author's detailed depiction of the town and its inhabitants provides a vivid backdrop for the tragic love triangle that unfolds.