D. M. Thomas

D. M. Thomas, full name Donald Michael Thomas, is a British author best known for his novel 'The White Hotel' (1981), which blends fiction, history, and psychoanalysis, and was a best-seller. Born on January 27, 1935, in Cornwall, England, Thomas is also a poet, translator, and novelist. His work often explores complex psychological and sexual themes, and he has received acclaim for his translations of Russian poetry. In addition to 'The White Hotel,' his literary output includes poetry collections, other novels, and non-fiction works.


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  1. 1. The White Hotel

    The book follows the life of Lisa Erdman, a half-Jewish opera singer, through her erotic fantasies, her analysis with Sigmund Freud, her subsequent life in pre-war Vienna, and her eventual death in a Nazi concentration camp. The narrative is presented in a variety of styles, including erotic poetry, Freud's case study, third-person narrative, and a surrealistic opera libretto. The novel explores themes of sexuality, psychoanalysis, and the human capacity for evil and destruction.