Huineng (638–713), also known as the Sixth Patriarch of Chan (Zen) Buddhism, was an influential Chinese monk who played a significant role in the development of Chan Buddhism. He is best known for his teachings on 'sudden enlightenment' and the Platform Sutra, which is attributed to him. Huineng's emphasis on direct experience and the intrinsic Buddha-nature in all beings became a central theme in Chan Buddhism.


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  1. 1. Platform Sutra

    The "Platform Sutra" is an essential text in Zen Buddhism, presenting the teachings and philosophy of a renowned sixth patriarch. The book offers deep insights into the nature of enlightenment and the practice of dhyana (meditation). It emphasizes the concept of 'sudden enlightenment', asserting that it can be achieved by realizing one's own 'Buddha nature'. The text is also known for its promotion of direct, personal experience and the potential for enlightenment in all beings, irrespective of their social or educational status.