Yevgeny Zamyatin

Yevgeny Zamyatin was a Russian author, most famous for his dystopian novel 'We', which was written in 1920-1921 and is considered a precursor to works such as George Orwell's '1984'. Zamyatin's book was one of the first to explore the concept of a future totalitarian society, and it influenced many later science fiction novels. Despite his significant contribution to literature, his work was banned in the Soviet Union, and he faced persecution for his oppositional views. Zamyatin sought asylum and lived in exile, continuing his writing career until his death.


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  1. 1. We

    In this dystopian novel, the story is set in the future, where the protagonist, a mathematician, lives in a highly regulated society where citizens are known by numbers, not names, and every action is dictated by the state. Individuality and freedom are suppressed, and even the concept of love is replaced by regulated sexual liaisons. The mathematician begins to question the infallibility of the state after meeting a rebellious woman, leading to a series of events that challenge the very foundations of his world.

    The 456th Greatest Book of All Time