Fitz Hugh Ludlow

Fitz Hugh Ludlow was a 19th-century American author, journalist, and explorer known for his autobiographical book 'The Hasheesh Eater' (1857), which describes his experiences with the drug cannabis, making him an early pioneer in psychedelic literature. He also wrote for several periodicals and was involved in the New York literary and artistic scene.


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  1. 1. The Hasheesh Eater

    "The Hasheesh Eater" is a 19th-century autobiographical account of the author's experiences with the drug hashish. It provides a detailed, vivid portrayal of the author's hallucinatory visions and altered states of consciousness induced by the substance. The book also delves into the philosophical and religious insights he gleaned from these experiences, offering a unique perspective on the human mind and the nature of reality. Despite the author's eventual renunciation of the drug due to its harmful effects, the book remains a significant work in the literature of drug experience.