Hart Crane

Hart Crane was an American poet known for his modernist style and use of symbolic imagery. Born on July 21, 1899, in Garrettsville, Ohio, he is best recognized for his epic poem 'The Bridge,' which reflects his vision of America and its culture through the image of the Brooklyn Bridge. Crane's work was often characterized by a difficult and idiosyncratic style. Despite his brief life—he died by suicide at the age of 32—Crane left a significant impact on the world of poetry.


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  1. 1. The Bridge

    "The Bridge" is an epic poem that uses the Brooklyn Bridge as a central symbol to explore the American experience from the early 20th century. The work traverses various historical periods and geographical locations, from the time of the Native Americans to the industrial age, interspersing mythological and biblical references. The poem seeks to capture the spirit of the American dream, the country's progress and its cultural heritage, while also exploring themes of love, death, and time.

  2. 2. Complete Poems And Selected Letters And Prose

    This compilation brings together the full range of a 20th-century American poet's creative output, showcasing his intense and visionary verse, which sought to capture the essence and promise of modern life, often through the lens of industrialization and the American experience. The collection also includes a selection of the poet's correspondence and non-poetic writings, providing a more comprehensive view of his literary contributions and the personal thoughts that shaped his work. The poet's innovative use of language and idiosyncratic style, along with his exploration of spirituality and quest for transcendence, are evident throughout the texts, offering readers a deep dive into the passionate and tumultuous inner world of a figure who left an indelible mark on American poetry.