Paul de Kruif

Paul de Kruif was an American microbiologist and author of Dutch descent, born on March 2, 1890, in Zeeland, Michigan. He is best known for his book 'Microbe Hunters' (1926), which dramatizes the discoveries and lives of notable scientists and physicians who contributed to the understanding and combating of infectious diseases. With a background in science, de Kruif's writing helped popularize the field of microbiology and public health. His works often combined scientific facts with narrative storytelling, making them accessible to a broad audience. He passed away on February 28, 1971.


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  1. 1. Microbe Hunters

    "Microbe Hunters" is a classic work of scientific literature that chronicles the pioneering work of early microbiologists. The book brings to life the groundbreaking discoveries of scientists who dedicated their lives to understanding the invisible world of microbes. These pioneers include figures like Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch, who made significant strides in the field of bacteriology. The book is a blend of scientific facts, biographical sketches, and the author's own infectious enthusiasm for the subject matter, making it an engaging read for both scientists and lay readers alike.