Ludwig Lewisohn




Ludwig Lewisohn (May 30, 1882 – December 31, 1955) was an outspoken critic of American Jewish assimilation, novelist and translator, known for his novel The Island Within. He wrote several autobiographies, translated German literature and wrote the preface to the first English language edition of Otto Rank's seminal work Art and Artist. Lewisohn also authored the book The Poets of Modern France, a translation of major French poets into English. At the time this book was published he was said to be "Professor at the Ohio State University." He also authored several works on Judaica and Zionism.





The best books of all time by Ludwig Lewisohn

  1. 1693 . The Island Within by Ludwig Lewisohn

    The story of Reb Mendel and his descendents as they struggle with being Jewish and finding their place as new immigrants in a sometimes hostile United States.

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