Ian Morris

Ian Morris is a British historian, archaeologist, and author known for his work on the long-term social and economic history of the human race. He is a professor of classics and history at Stanford University and has published several influential books, including 'Why the West Rules—for Now' and 'War! What Is It Good For?'. His research often focuses on the broad patterns that have shaped human history and the ways in which human biology and sociology intersect.


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  1. 1. Why the West Rules - For Now: The Patterns of History, and What They Reveal About the Future

    This book is a comprehensive exploration of the historical and cultural patterns that have led to Western dominance in the world. The author uses a broad range of evidence from archaeology, genetics, and linguistics to trace the development of East and West from prehistoric times to the present, arguing that physical geography, rather than culture, religion, or great men, is the primary driving force behind the rise of the West. The book also offers a forecast for the future, predicting a shift in global power from the West to the East.