Rose Friedman

Rose Friedman (born Rose Director, December 1910 – 18 August 2009) was a free-market economist and co-founder of the Milton and Rose D. Friedman Foundation. She collaborated with her husband, Nobel laureate economist Milton Friedman, on several books and projects, including 'Free to Choose' and 'Tyranny of the Status Quo'. She was also instrumental in the school choice movement and contributed to the field of economics through her own research and scholarly work.


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  1. 1. Free to Choose: A Personal Statement

    This book is an influential work promoting the principles of economic and political freedom. The authors argue that individual freedom is directly linked to economic freedom, and they advocate for less government intervention in the economy. They explore topics like inflation, education, and consumer protection, and propose free-market solutions. The authors also provide historical examples to support their arguments and warn against the dangers of socialism and excessive government control.

    The 2762nd Greatest Book of All Time