Gonzalo Torrente Ballester

Gonzalo Torrente Ballester was a Spanish writer, essayist, and playwright, known for his significant contributions to Spanish literature. He was a member of the Royal Spanish Academy and received numerous awards throughout his career, including the Cervantes Prize.


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  1. 1. La Saga/ Fuga de J. B./ The Saga/ Escape of J.B.

    "La Saga/ Fuga de J. B./ The Saga/ Escape of J.B." is a complex narrative that explores the themes of reality and fiction, and their intersection. The story revolves around a mysterious character, J.B., who escapes from a novel into the real world. As he navigates this new realm, the boundaries between the fictional world he came from and the reality he now inhabits become increasingly blurred, leading to a surreal and thought-provoking exploration of the nature of existence.

    The 4651st Greatest Book of All Time