Friedrich Dürrenmatt




Friedrich Dürrenmatt (German: [ˈfriːdrɪç ˈdʏrənˌmat]; 5 January 1921 – 14 December 1990) was a Swiss author and dramatist. He was a proponent of epic theatre whose plays reflected the recent experiences of World War II. The politically active author's work included avant-garde dramas, philosophical crime novels, and macabre satire. Dürrenmatt was a member of the Gruppe Olten.





The best books of all time by Friedrich Dürrenmatt

  1. 1225 . The Judge and His Hangman by Friedrich Dürrenmatt

    The Judge and His Hangman (German: Der Richter und sein Henker) is a 1950 novel by the Swiss writer Friedrich Dürrenmatt. It was first published in English in 1954, in a translation by Cyrus Brooks...

  2. 2340 . The Physicists by Friedrich Dürrenmatt

    The Physicists (German: Die Physiker) (written 1961, performed 1962, and published 1962, Verlags AG "Die Arche", Zürich, Switzerland) is a satiric drama often recognized as the most impressive yet ...

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