Michelle Magorian

Michelle Magorian is a British author best known for her children's books, particularly 'Goodnight Mister Tom,' which has won numerous awards and has been adapted into a television film and a stage musical.


This list of books are ONLY the books that have been ranked on the lists that are aggregated on this site. This is not a comprehensive list of all books by this author.

  1. 1. Goodnight Mister Tom

    Set during World War II, the story follows a young evacuee from London named William Beech who is sent to live in the English countryside with a gruff but kind elderly man named Tom Oakley. As William adjusts to rural life and overcomes his abusive past, he forms a deep bond with Tom. The novel explores themes of friendship, the impact of war, and the power of love and kindness to heal emotional wounds.

    The 2342nd Greatest Book of All Time