Gerard de Nerval

Gerard de Nerval was a French writer, poet, and translator, best known for his romantic and fantastical tales that delve into the depths of the human psyche and dreams. Born Gérard Labrunie on May 22, 1808, in Paris, he was a significant figure in the French Romantic movement. His most famous work is 'Les Chimères,' a collection of poems, and 'Aurélia,' an autobiographical novella that explores his own mental illness and visions. Nerval's innovative writing and his exploration of the unconscious influenced later surrealist writers. He tragically ended his life on January 26, 1855, in Paris.


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  1. 1. Les Filles du feu

    "Les Filles du feu" is a collection of short stories and poems that explore the author's fascination with the feminine ideal and his own experiences with love, loss, and madness. The book's central theme is the author's quest for the ideal woman, represented in various forms in different stories. The most famous story in the collection, "Sylvie," is a semi-autobiographical account of the author's romantic relationships with three women, exploring themes of time, memory, and idealized love. The book also includes a series of sonnets dedicated to the author's beloved, as well as a prose poem that recounts his experiences with madness and his visions of a mystical world.