Sybille Bedford

Sybille Bedford (1911–2006) was a British writer, novelist, and journalist. She was known for her elegant prose and her works that often combined autobiography with social history. Bedford's notable books include 'A Legacy' and 'Jigsaw', both semi-autobiographical novels that received critical acclaim. She was also a travel writer and a legal journalist, with her reportage on the trial of Jack Ruby for the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald being particularly well-regarded. Bedford's writing style was marked by its wit, clarity, and vivid descriptions.


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  1. 1. A Legacy

    "A Legacy" is a historical novel that captures the social and political turmoil of early 20th century Germany through the eyes of its protagonist. The story follows a young woman who hails from two distinct families, one being a wealthy Jewish family from Berlin and the other, an aristocratic Catholic family from rural Germany. The narrative provides a detailed account of the protagonist's life, her family's eccentricities, and the eventual downfall of her families amidst the backdrop of the First World War and the Weimar Republic.

    The 1370th Greatest Book of All Time