Lion Feuchtwanger

Lion Feuchtwanger was a prominent German-Jewish novelist and playwright known for his historical fiction. He was a vocal critic of the Nazi regime and spent much of his life in exile, particularly in the United States. His works often explored themes of social justice and political oppression.


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  1. 1. This Is The Hour

    This historical novel transports readers to the vibrant and tumultuous world of Renaissance Florence, focusing on the life and times of the legendary artist and thinker, Leonardo da Vinci. Through meticulous research and vivid storytelling, the narrative delves into Leonardo's relentless pursuit of knowledge, his unparalleled genius in both art and science, and his complex relationships with his contemporaries. Set against the backdrop of political intrigue, war, and the cultural flourishing of the Italian Renaissance, the book offers a compelling exploration of the challenges and triumphs of a man far ahead of his time, highlighting his contributions to humanity and his eternal quest for understanding the mysteries of the world.

    The 2819th Greatest Book of All Time
  2. 2. Success: Three Years in the Life of a Province

    "Success: Three Years in the Life of a Province" is a historical novel that provides a vivid account of life in Bavaria during the Weimar Republic, from 1926 to 1929. The narrative portrays the political, social, and economic struggles of the time, weaving together the lives of three main characters: an art dealer, a poet, and a conservative veteran. The book is a critical exploration of the rise of Nazism, the decadence of the bourgeoisie, and the power of art and culture.

    The 6195th Greatest Book of All Time