Brian Keenan

Brian Keenan is an Irish writer best known for his book 'An Evil Cradling', which recounts his experience of being taken hostage in Beirut in 1986 and held captive for over four years. His works often reflect on themes of human endurance and the complexities of political conflict.


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  1. 1. An Evil Cradling

    "An Evil Cradling" is a harrowing memoir of a man's four-year captivity in Beirut, Lebanon. Captured by fundamentalist Shi'ite militiamen in 1986, the author, an Irish citizen, endures solitary confinement, starvation, and brutal physical abuse. Despite his grim situation, he manages to find humanity in the most unlikely of places and individuals, including one of his captors. His eventual release is a poignant moment of triumph against the backdrop of his traumatic ordeal.