Maggie Nelson

Maggie Nelson is an American writer known for her genre-crossing work that blends autobiography, criticism, and philosophy. She is the author of several acclaimed books, including 'Bluets,' 'The Argonauts,' and 'The Red Parts.' Her writing is celebrated for its intellectual rigor, poetic sensibility, and exploration of complex themes such as gender, sexuality, and violence.


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  1. 1. The Argonauts

    "The Argonauts" is a genre-bending memoir that chronicles the author's romantic relationship with her fluidly gendered partner, their journey to become parents, and their experiences with queer family-making. The narrative intertwines personal anecdotes with critical theories on gender, sexuality, and identity, challenging traditional notions of family, motherhood, and love. It offers a powerful exploration of desire, limitations, and the possibilities of language, pushing the boundaries of what memoirs can do and be.

    The 4886th Greatest Book of All Time