Hilton Als

Hilton Als is an American writer and theater critic who has contributed to The New Yorker since 1989. He became a staff writer in 1994 and a theater critic in 2002. His work often explores issues of race, gender, and sexuality. Als received the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism in 2017 for his sharp, incisive commentary on the role of race in the arts and culture. He is also known for his book 'The Women' (1996), which blends memoir and cultural analysis, and his more recent work 'White Girls' (2013), which discusses various narratives around race and gender.


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  1. 1. White Girls

    "White Girls" is a collection of essays that explore the concept of "white girls" as the author sees it - a cultural and racial construct, rather than a literal description. The book delves into the author's personal experiences, pop culture, history, and his own identity as a gay black man. It examines figures from pop culture, literature, and the author's personal life, including Truman Capote, Michael Jackson, and the author's own sister, to explore themes of race, gender, identity, and the love and loss that comes with friendship.

    The 8718th Greatest Book of All Time