John Aubrey

John Aubrey (1626–1697) was an English antiquary, natural philosopher, and writer. He is best known for his collection of brief biographical sketches called 'Brief Lives,' which provide valuable insights into the personalities and lives of notable figures of his time. Aubrey was also interested in archaeology and was one of the first to systematically record many of England's megalithic and other ancient monuments.


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  1. 1. Brief Lives

    "Brief Lives" is a collection of short biographical sketches of the author's contemporaries, written in the 17th century. The book provides an intimate and informal look at the lives of notable figures of the time, including scientists, writers, politicians, and philosophers. The author's unique style blends gossip, anecdote, and personal observations, offering a fascinating and often humorous glimpse into the personalities and private lives of his subjects.

    The 1412th Greatest Book of All Time