Willem Elsschot

Willem Elsschot, born Alfons-Jozef De Ridder, was a Belgian writer and poet known for his satirical and humorous works. His notable works include 'Kaas' (Cheese) and 'Lijmen/Het Been' (Soft Soap/The Leg).


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  1. 1. Cheese

    The novel revolves around a Dutchman living in Antwerp, Belgium, who is persuaded by his brother to enter the cheese business. He invests in 10,000 full-cream cheeses and sets up an office, but struggles to sell any of his stock. As he grapples with the nuances of the cheese trade, his personal life and professional relationships also begin to crumble, leading to a series of comical and tragic events. The book is a satirical commentary on business, ambition, and the absurdity of life.

    The 1576th Greatest Book of All Time