Venedikt Yerofeev

Venedikt Yerofeev was a Soviet Russian writer and poet, best known for his 1969 prose poem 'Moscow-Petushki' (also translated as 'Moscow to the End of the Line' or 'Moscow Stations'). The work is a surreal and satirical depiction of a drunken journey from Moscow to the town of Petushki. Yerofeev's writing is noted for its unique style, blending high literary language with colloquial speech, and for its exploration of themes such as alienation and the absurdity of Soviet life. Despite being circulated only in samizdat (underground publication) during his lifetime, Yerofeev's work has gained significant recognition posthumously.


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  1. 1. Moscow-Petushki

    "Moscow-Petushki" is a surreal and darkly humorous narrative that follows the protagonist's alcohol-fueled train journey from Moscow to the fictional town of Petushki. Along the way, he engages in philosophical discussions with fellow travelers, battles with supernatural forces, and reflects on his tragic love affair. The novel is notable for its unique blend of reality and fantasy, providing a satirical commentary on Soviet life.

  2. 2. Moscow Petushki

    The book is a surreal and satirical narrative that takes the reader on a tragicomic journey aboard a suburban train from Moscow to the small town of Petushki. The protagonist, a disillusioned intellectual and alcoholic, engages in philosophical musings and encounters a variety of eccentric characters, each embodying different aspects of Soviet life. As he delves into ruminations on love, suffering, and the search for meaning amidst the absurdities of existence, the journey becomes a metaphor for the human condition and the societal decay of the USSR, blending dark humor with poignant introspection.