Carlo Rovelli

Carlo Rovelli is an Italian theoretical physicist and writer who has worked in Italy, the United States, and France. He is known for his work in quantum gravity and is one of the founders of the loop quantum gravity theory. Rovelli has also authored several popular science books, including 'Seven Brief Lessons on Physics' and 'Reality Is Not What It Seems', which introduce complex concepts of physics to a general audience in an accessible manner.


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  1. 1. Seven Brief Lessons on Physics

    This book is a succinct and enlightening introduction to the fundamental concepts of modern physics, presented in seven easy-to-understand lessons. The lessons cover topics such as general relativity, quantum mechanics, the architecture of the cosmos, particles, quantum gravity, probability, time, and the human perspective on these scientific wonders. The book aims to bridge the gap between the complex world of modern physics and the general public's understanding, making the often intimidating subject accessible and engaging for all readers.

    The 7776th Greatest Book of All Time