Anna Burns

Anna Burns is a Northern Irish author, best known for her novel 'Milkman', which won the 2018 Man Booker Prize. Born in Belfast in 1962, Burns is acclaimed for her distinctive narrative voice and her exploration of themes such as social oppression, gender issues, and the complexities of living in a divided community. Her work often draws on her experiences growing up in Northern Ireland during the Troubles.


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  1. 1. Milkman

    Set during The Troubles in Northern Ireland, this novel follows an unnamed 18-year-old protagonist who is pursued by a powerful, older man known only as the Milkman. Despite her attempts to avoid him and maintain a low profile in her community, rumors spread about their supposed affair, leading to increased scrutiny and isolation. The book explores the protagonist's struggle to maintain her individuality amidst political and social turmoil, while also dealing with the pervasive threat of violence and the power of gossip in a close-knit community.

    The 3688th Greatest Book of All Time