Joby Warrick

Joby Warrick is an American journalist and author, known for his work at The Washington Post and for winning multiple Pulitzer Prizes. He specializes in topics related to intelligence, diplomacy, and security, with a focus on the Middle East. Warrick has authored several books, including 'Black Flags: The Rise of ISIS' and 'The Triple Agent.'


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  1. 1. Black Flags: The Rise of ISIS

    This book provides a detailed account of the rise of the terrorist group ISIS. The narrative delves into the history of the group, tracing its roots back to a Jordanian street thug, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who morphed into a jihadist leader. It also explores the geopolitical conditions and missteps by world leaders that allowed the group to grow in power and influence. The book offers an in-depth look at the personalities and events that contributed to the emergence of one of the most notorious terrorist organizations in the world.

    The 10742nd Greatest Book of All Time