Jim Bouton

Jim Bouton was an American author, former professional baseball player, and sports broadcaster. He is best known for his controversial book 'Ball Four', published in 1970, which detailed his professional playing career and provided an insider's look at baseball's clubhouse culture. The book was a candid account that challenged the baseball establishment and has since become a classic. Bouton's insights and humor helped to change the way the public perceives baseball players and the sport itself.


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  1. 1. Ball Four

    The book is a candid and controversial diary of a professional baseball season. The author, a pitcher, provides an insider's perspective on the sport, revealing the daily grind, locker room antics, and the pressures and politics of the game. The book also delves into the personal lives of the players, touching on their struggles with family, fame, and substance abuse. Despite the backlash it received from the baseball community, the book is considered a groundbreaking work for its honest portrayal of the sport.