Elwood Reid

Elwood Reid is an American author and television writer known for his novels and work on TV shows such as 'The Bridge' and 'Hawaii Five-0'.


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  1. 1. What Salmon Know

    The book is a collection of gritty and raw short stories that delve into the lives of men on the fringes of society. Set against the backdrop of the American landscape, from Alaska to the Southwest, the narratives explore themes of masculinity, survival, and the human condition. The characters, often confronting their own limitations and the harsh realities of their environments, are depicted with a stark realism that exposes their inner struggles and the complex dynamics of their relationships. The stories are woven together with a sense of the natural world, where the metaphor of the salmon's upstream battle resonates with the characters' own uphill struggles.

    The 8216th Greatest Book of All Time