Tomi Adeyemi

Tomi Adeyemi is a Nigerian-American author and creative writing coach, best known for her debut novel 'Children of Blood and Bone,' which is part of the 'Legacy of Orïsha' series. Her work has received critical acclaim and has been a New York Times bestseller.


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  1. 1. Children Of Blood And Bone

    In a world where magic has been suppressed and the maji people have been oppressed, Zélie, a young maji girl, embarks on a dangerous quest to restore magic and bring justice to her people. Alongside her brother and a rogue princess, Zélie must confront her own powers and face formidable enemies, navigating a treacherous landscape of betrayal and sacrifice. As they race against time, Zélie discovers that she may hold the key to not only saving her people, but also to changing the destiny of their entire nation.

    The 3215th Greatest Book of All Time
  2. 2. Children Of Virtue And Vengeance

    In this fantasy sequel, the protagonists struggle to unite the kingdom of Orïsha and restore magic to the oppressed maji. After a brutal battle, the maji have regained their powers, but the monarchy and military now possess magical abilities as well. The heroine grapples with her role as a leader and her complex feelings for the enemy prince, while the kingdom is on the brink of civil war. As both sides fight for dominance, the characters must navigate betrayal, ancient mythology, and their own inner demons to bring peace and justice to their divided land.

    The 9269th Greatest Book of All Time