Kate Reading

Kate Reading is a pseudonym for Jennifer Mendenhall, an American audiobook narrator and voice artist. She is well-known for her work in narrating audiobooks across various genres, including historical fiction, fantasy, and romance. Kate Reading has received multiple awards and accolades for her narration, including the prestigious Audie Award. She has collaborated with her husband, fellow narrator Michael Kramer, on several audiobook projects, and together they have become a prominent duo in the audiobook industry.


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  1. 1. Words Of Radiance

    In this epic fantasy sequel, the world of Roshar is further explored, with ancient oaths and legendary heroes coming to the forefront as the battle against the enigmatic and destructive forces known as the Voidbringers intensifies. The narrative follows multiple characters, including a once-slave who rises to become a military leader, a brilliant but troubled scholar who seeks forbidden knowledge, and a highprince burdened by his past and the expectations of his position. As they navigate political intrigue, ancient prophecies, and their own personal demons, their stories intertwine, revealing secrets about the mystical Knights Radiant and the true nature of the world-threatening Desolation that looms ever closer.

    The 8966th Greatest Book of All Time