The Green Hat by Michael Arlen

The Green Hat perfectly reflects the atmosphere of the 1920s—the post-war fashion for verbal smartness, youthful cynicism, and the spirit of rebellion of the "bright young things" of Mayfair. Iris Storm, femme fatale, races around London and Europe in her yellow Hispano-Suiza surrounded by romantic intrigue, but beneath the glamour she is destined to be a tragic heroine. A perfect synecdoche, in fact: as the hat is to the woman, so the words of the title are to an entire literary style. The success of the novel when it was first published in 1924 let to its adaptation for the screen, with Greta Garbo starring as Iris Storm.

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The 1182nd greatest fiction book of all time

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The Green Hat: A Romance for a Few People Hardcover 8222778 $24.84
The Green Hat (Bookmasters) Paperback 17766326 $22.00 1983
The Green Hat Paperback 1638898 $17.95 $24.42 2021
The Green Hat Kindle Edition 710435 $3.99 2021
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The Case of the Green Felt Hat: A Ludovic Travers Mystery Paperback 1592389 $11.94 $16.72 2018
Black Hair, Green Eyes, Size Seven and a Half Hat: The Life, Family, and Neighbors of Carroll County, Indiana Old German Baptist Minister, Alfred Flora 1885-1948 Paperback 1523159 $16.14 $17.74 2018
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