Girl With Green Eyes by Edna O'Brien

A classic title in Edna O'Brien's Country Girls Trilogy - the second volume From eccentric Joanna's boarding house, predatory Baba roams Dublin looking for men to give her a good time - and dragging with her a reluctant Cait, worrying about her figure and wanting to talk about books. Then she meets dark, long-faced Eugene Gaillard, a film director, and for a while Cait's romantic dreams seem to be fulfilled. But Eugene Gaillard is a Protestant divorcé, and when Cait's drunkard father gets to hear of it, he summons a lynch mob¿ Steering expertly between high romance, outright farce and the blend of them that is reality, Girl with Green Eyes is an original and joyful story of the gateway to adulthood.

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The 1165th greatest fiction book of all time

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The Girl With Green Eyes (Betty Neels Large Print Collection) Hardcover 3358743 $735.15 2007
The Girl with the Jade Green Eyes Paperback 6223805 $11.99 $23.91 2017
The Girl with Sad Green Eyes: A Tale of Forgiveness Paperback 8064345 $15.49 $30.23 2012
The Lonely Girl Paperback 2538987 $54.59 $0.99 2002
The Lonely Girl (ISIS Large Print) Hardcover 6847935 $688.04 $390.68 1986
Girl With Green Eyes Mass Market Paperback 8137391 $10.99
The Girl with Green Eyes (The Best of Betty Neels) Mass Market Paperback 3613653 $3.77 $1.20 2011
The Girl With Green Eyes Hardcover 9094970 $492.64 1990
The Girl with the Jade Green Eyes Hardcover 4255465 $4.36 1978
The Girl with the Jade Green Eyes Paperback 5966868 $42.75 $2.70 1979
Girl with Green Eyes Mass Market Paperback 10457523 $35.31
The Girl With Green Eyes Paperback 3462263 $21.95 $1.97 1991
Girl With Green Eyes (Country Girls Trilogy 2) Paperback 2896839 $17.70 $5.83
Girl with Green Eyes Paperback 2753744 $20.90 $1.08 1975
THE LONELY GIRL. Hardcover 12487844 $17.61