Samuel Johnson

Samuel Johnson, often referred to as Dr. Johnson, was an English writer who made lasting contributions to English literature as a poet, essayist, moralist, literary critic, biographer, editor, and lexicographer. He is perhaps best known for his publication 'A Dictionary of the English Language' (1755), which had a far-reaching effect on Modern English and has been described as one of the greatest single achievements of scholarship. Johnson's works and his literary criticism have earned him the reputation as one of the most distinguished men of letters in English history.


This list of books are ONLY the books that have been ranked on the lists that are aggregated on this site. This is not a comprehensive list of all books by this author.

  1. 1. The History of Rasselas, Prince of Abissinia

    This book explores the philosophical journey of an Ethiopian prince, Rasselas, who escapes his luxurious palace to experience the world and understand the true nature of life. Throughout his travels, he encounters a wide array of people and their ways of life, from hermits to poets, and from scholars to merchants. Each encounter provides him with a different perspective on life, happiness, and the human condition. Despite his many experiences, Rasselas is left with more questions than answers, reflecting the complexity and ambiguity of life.

  2. 2. A Dictionary of the English Language

    This comprehensive work is an extensive dictionary of the English language, providing detailed definitions, etymology, and usage examples for a wide range of words. It was one of the earliest dictionaries to approach language in this systematic and scholarly way, and it played a significant role in standardizing English spelling and usage. This dictionary is not only a linguistic resource but also a reflection of 18th century intellectual life, as it includes numerous quotations from notable authors and thinkers of the time.

  3. 3. The History Of The Yorubas

    "The History of the Yorubas" is a comprehensive account of the rich cultural heritage and historical development of the Yoruba people, a major ethnic group in Nigeria. Written by Samuel Johnson, the book delves into the origins, traditions, and societal structures of the Yoruba, exploring their religious beliefs, political systems, and significant historical events. Through meticulous research and detailed storytelling, Johnson provides valuable insights into the Yoruba civilization, making this book an essential resource for anyone interested in African history and culture.

  4. 4. The Works Of Samuel Johnson

    This comprehensive collection encapsulates the intellectual and literary prowess of a prominent 18th-century English writer, critic, and lexicographer. It brings together a diverse array of his essays, poems, sermons, and biographical sketches, including his most celebrated works such as his moralistic essays and his groundbreaking dictionary of the English language. The anthology showcases his wit, moral insight, and profound influence on English literature and thought, offering readers a profound glimpse into the mind of one of the era's most distinguished men of letters.