A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway

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The novel is told through the point of view of Lieutenant Frederic Henry, an American serving as an ambulance driver in the Italian army during World War I.

- Wikipedia

The 73rd greatest fiction book of all time

This book is on the following lists:

  1. - 8th on The Ideal Library (Book)
  2. - 20th on Radcliffe's 100 Best Novels (Radcliffe Publishing Course)
  3. - 30th on 100 Essential Books (Bravo! Magazine)
  4. - 57th on Koen Book Distributors Top 100 Books of the Past Century (themodernnovel.com)
  5. - 68th on 100 Best Books (Montana State University)
  6. - 74th on The Modern Library | 100 Best Novels (Modern Library)
  7. - 77th on The Novel 100: A Ranking of the Greatest Novels of All Time (The Novel 100)
  8. - The 100 Greatest Books Ever Written (Easton Press)
  9. - Select 100 (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
  10. - The College Board: 101 Great Books Recommended for College-Bound Readers (http://www.uhlibrary.net/pdf/college_board_recommended_books.pdf)
  11. - Masterpieces of World Literature (Frank N. Magill)
  12. - The Book of Great Books: A Guide to 100 World Classics (Book)
  13. - 100 Life-Changing Books (National Book Award)
  14. - Recommended Books (Academy of Achievement)
  15. - How to Read Literature Like a Professor: A Reading List (Thomas C. Foster)

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