Canon of Medicine by Avicenna

The Canon of Medicine (Arabic: القانون في الطب‎ al-Qānūn fī al-Ṭibb) is an encyclopedia of medicine in five books compiled by Persian philosopher Ibn Sīnā (Avicenna) and completed in 1025. It presents a clear and organized summary of all the medical knowledge of the time.

The 932nd greatest nonfiction book of all time

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Avicenna On the Breath from the Canon of Medicine Volume 1 Paperback 371274 $12.14 $12.38 2012
Canon of Medicine Volume 1 Hardcover 1143070 $64.55 $55.00 1999
Avicenna On Aphrodisiacs and their Medicinal Uses from the Canon of Medicine Volume 2 Paperback 1613124 $14.36 2013